Border Stylo


I worked on the Glass product at Border Stylo starting in 2009. The product began as a Firefox extension, and later progressed as a Chrome extension, web product, and mobile product. The purpose was to allow users to leave messages or "slides" on top of any website to have private conversations with whomever they choose.

Yes, Google Glass clearly ripped off the logo.

  • I performed project management tasks and wrote product specifications and created comps so all teams could follow criteria to output the intended result.
  • I also helped with designing merchandise and convention materials to promote the product.
  • I started and led user research strategies to conduct interviews and do in-house usability testing to gain qualitative insight when designing the product.
  • I wrote personas and scenarios for our products to refer to when designing experiences as well as marketing.
  • I used XUL (XML User Interface Language) to create the UI of the browser extension product. Luckily, later we were able to switch to an HTML and CSS based interface which gave a lot more freedom in the look and feel of the interface.
  • The design team led a product-wide redesign which included the browser extensions and web product. I led the information architecture work and created in-depth wireframes and user flows to make the products more scalable in the future.



The Retrollect app was developed at Border Stylo, after we decided to create a new product other than Glass. The design team was given the problem of creating and launching a new mobile app with a deadline of 2-3 months.

  • I created the logotype and identity for Retrollect.
  • Using PhoneGap, I did the markup and CSS for the app, creating both an Android and iPhone friendly interface. We were able to leverage CSS3 transforms and animations to do the rotating circular disc.
  • I had the concept for an app that would allow people to bundle several types of media from different existing networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to share a life experience in one easy link. With the help of the rest of the team, the product was named Retrollect and given the branding of the Viewmaster.